If I'm not sailing on the Black Pearl I'm outside playing quidditch.
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TBK in the new issue of MOJO: “I don’t view as underdogs any more. In fact, I view us as more of a target now.”

Includes Free CD Featuring tracks by Dr. John, Bo Diddley, Black Lips, R.L. Burnside, Pete Molinari and many more. Includes The Black Keys single Fever and a super rare version of Gold On The Ceiling.  Available April 29/14


RDJ’s chair tho..

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         Pop Dallas.  [x]

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Your husbands name is Josh Dallas. Which is the greatest name I think I’ve ever heard.

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Basically Captain Swan in Bleeding Through

Emma:Hi Hook I've decided that I'm gonna flirt with you as much as you normally flirt with me!
Emma:BTW check it out my magic is fucking awesome
Emma:Hooook what's wrong why aren't you being as much fun as usual?
Emma:Oh and look I can flirt with you by using my magic
Emma:Man magic is so much fun
Emma:C'mon what's wrong with you? I'm not the only open book around here bro.
Emma:We should kiss
Emma:and also magic is my favorite
Killian:*hits his head against the wall*


Ginnifer Goodwin on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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